Hello and welcome to my page 🙂

Let me start with a little bit about me… I’m Kate, a thirty-something age-group triathlete based in Berkshire, UK. I took up triathlon in January 2015, shortly after moving here from Hampshire. Coming from a background of casual road cycling since 2013 and sports acrobatics whilst I was at university, I mainly wanted to keep fit and make some new friends. I joined Berkshire Tri Squad, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m addicted!

I’m coached by my club mate and boyfriend Paul, who is himself a very successful age-grouper. My main aim in triathlon is to enjoy it and push myself to achieve as much as I can, whilst staying fit and healthy and hopefully getting a six-pack as a nice by-product! I hope at some point to manage a podium or two, but for now I am enjoying the process enough.

When I’m not swimming, cycling or running, I work as a GP in the NHS. I hope that I manage to inspire some of my patients to make their health and fitness a priority, and my aim in the future is to develop a specialist interest in nutrition. My other hobbies include persuading Paul on the virtues of independent films, watching all sorts of documentaries (from Stacey Dooley and Louis Theroux, to sports, science, religion and sociology), and I like to dabble in cyclo-cross in the off-season.

Thanks for visiting,

Kate x