Hi, Welcome to my site. I am Kate Robinson (obviously) and I am a 30-something GP from Lancashire, although currently living in the Thames Valley. When I am not trying to heal the world one sniffling nose at a time, I am usually training for Olympic Distance triathlon. In this site you can find out more about my results, training, achievements (Work-in-progress!) etc, as well as the partners I work with and what I get up to. Hope you enjoy. x


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Hello and welcome to my page 🙂

Let me start with a little bit about me… I’m Kate, a thirty-something age-group triathlete and cyclist based in Buckinghamshire, UK. I took up triathlon in January 2015, coming from a background of casual road cycling since 2013. I mainly wanted to keep fit and make some new friends. I joined Berkshire Tri Squad, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m addicted!

I’m coached by Tim at Catenary coaching. My main aim in triathlon is to enjoy it and push myself to achieve as much as I can, whilst staying fit and healthy in both mind and body. The aim is always the podium, and occasionally I get there 🙂 New for 2021 is a mission to see how I do at road cycling – watch this space.

I’m very active on Zwift over winter, and have raced for teams including Vision, Socks4Watts and most recently, KISS racing team. I “enjoy” racing invitationals but it’s most definitely type 2 fun!!

When I’m not swimming, cycling or running, I work as a GP in the NHS and a lecturer at a private medical school, and am “mum” to a tortie rescue cat Yara Catselijn (named after Yara Kastelijn). I hope that I manage to inspire some of my friends, family and patients to make their health and fitness a priority. My other hobbies include cooking, gardening (badly), independent films and watching all sorts of documentaries.

Thanks for visiting,

Kate x